What Does Dance Mean To Us?

Over our first 2019 Dance Camp, Miss Luana, Miss Maddie and Miss Caitlin were challenged by Miss Lauren to create a routine that portrayed what dance meant to them. They created this piece together in approximately 1 hour and performed it at the end of the day. This was the end result!


To me, dancing is an escape from all of my problems that I’ve been having over the past week. Especially at our age with all of the school work and other drama, dance is the best way for me to get rid of it. Any stress or worry is relieved through the movement, and although it sounds silly, I can create my own little world where no bad feelings can enter. I have gained such a passion for dancing because it pushes my limits and keeps me alert, whilst also making my mind work creatively. I have gained so many true friends through dancing, and I know that they are as dedicated as I am. I appreciate this art so so much and I am so glad that I have the privilege of doing it. – Miss Caitlin

Martha Graham once said that “Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body” and this is exactly how we at L.E.Academy feel. We all turn to dance in tough times throughout our life because its an outlet. A creative outlet, an emotional outlet and even a physical outlet. As fifteen year olds, a lot of our friends from dance have started to shift interests and give up dancing however I find a safe place in the L.E.A family. Everyone has bad days that make them feel left out or like they don’t belong and lots of us are hesitant about talking about these days which is when dance comes into play. We have an opportunity to showcase our feelings in a way that also showcases our talents in a room full of people that support us and can connect with us. Our creativity thrives in the L.E.Academy environment. We feel at home. We stay fit and we develop relationships that can last a lifetime. I dance because I love it. I love it because of the way it makes me feel. I love it because it has no boundaries. I love it because over the years, its become a part of me. – Miss Maddie

Dance to me is the opportunity to pursue expression and creativity through ways that would be deemed strange or abnormal in other social settings. I can be myself and let loose once I walk into the studio. I don’t have to think or talk about anything to do with the outside world, allowing me to pour my heart and soul out and get caught up in the moment no matter what we’re doing that day. What’s kept me dancing through the years at L.E.A is the carefree environment where we can all be ourselves here with no judgment and I can be surrounded by the people I love, who have basically become my second family and bring light, laughter and happiness into my life on and off stage.  – Miss Luana