Well, 2020 sure has had some surprises along the way, hasn’t it?! I’m sure most of you are fully aware of L.E.Academy’s temporary closure and I hope everyone is well and healthy <3. In the meantime I think it’s time to get our minds off of the crazy and focus on keeping up or dance skills so that when we get back into the studio, we’re more strong and flexible than we’ve ever been!

Step 1. Join in the online classes!!!

I know it’s not quite as fun as being in the studio, but if you have the space to be able to set up a phone or laptop and join in the online classes, I promise you, you’ll have a blast! If you guys are interested, all of the information you could possibly need is on the parents Facebook page so just ask mum or dad to pop on and give you a hand to set it up. They can eve join in on classes if they want! We love seeing families get involved.

Step 2. Read the Blog

For those of you who have read the blog before, I’m sure you will know that there’s so much material for you guys to read and follow but for those of you who haven’t, I recommend you give it a read. Some of the posts that are super beneficial to read when you’re on a break include;
– How to perfect your performance
– Back to Dance Vision Boards
– The Scary World of Auditions
– Vanilla Cashew Energy Ball Recipe
– How to Dance Through the Holidays
– How to Remember choreography
– Which dance class it right for you
– Perfecting your Performance
– L.E.Academy Dance Diary’s
– Trying New Things
– Pointe Exercises
– Cheap Makeup Options
– Competition/Concert Essentials
– What to Remember in Acro Class
– Attending Your First Dance Class
– How to Fight Stage Fright
– Cleaning Out Your Dance Bag
– Top Songs to Dance To
– Setting goals
– What Dance Means to Us
– Balancing School and Dance
– Improve Flexibility and Strength
– Behinds the scene videos of almost every competition and concert
– Makeup Tutorials
– Hair tutorials
– Dance Concerts for Dummies Guide
– Musical Q&A
– And more coming almost every week!
While we’re all on a break from school and dance, it’s the perfect opportunity to jump on the blog and have a little read!

Step 3. Make your own dance classes Click here to down load your template.

This is where the blog posts come in handy! We know you guys love participating in classes but have any of you every tried masking one yourself? As both a dancer who takes classes and an instructor that helps teach them, I know how fun it is to get creative and design something super fun. You’ll find a bunch of resources on the blog that can give you some ideas on cardio, stretches, songs and so much more to incorporate into your self design classes and I’ve put a template down below for you guys to use. Happy creating everyone!

Miss Maddie x