At L.E.A, we dance for so many different reasons. Some of us dance to purely have fun, some of us dance to keep fit and some of us dance because it’s something that we just love to do. For those of you dance because you want a career in the industry, auditions are key steps in becoming a professional dancer. I had the honour of attending an audition a few months ago and let me tell you- it’s not as scary as it seems.

Tip 1# Make friends with your fellow auditionees

It might seem silly to be having conversations before auditions with the other dancers attending because it seems like you should be stretching or preparing or acting strictly professional, but the truth is, the people on the audition panel are going to be looking at how you interact with people just as much as your dancing. No director wants to hire a dancer who seems uptight or unfriendly or cocky, so just be yourself and make some friends! It will most definitely make you less nervous which is a bonus too 

Tip 2# Focus and respect

This tip slightly contradicts my last point but put simply… SSSSHHHHHH. Although it’s perfectly fine to make conversation before the commencement of the audition or during drink breaks, the worst thing you could do during learning combinations or performing for the panel is talk. It appears that you have no respect for the people in the room and is very distracting to dancers around you. You can still be bubbly and ask questions if you have any but you should never ever be having a chat with your friends if the people running the auditions need attention their way.

Tip 3# Confidence

Everything you do must exude confidence. The way you warm up. The why you introduce yourself and especially the way you dance. For tips on fighting stage fright, perfecting performance and remembering choreography, check out the other blog posts on the L.E.A blog.

Lots of love and good luck!!

Miss Maddie Xx