No one wants to go on stage and come off feeling like you could’ve done a lot better. Don’t get me wrong, there is always room for improvement, but it is also good to come off stage feeling confident and happy in what you just did. It has taken me a lot of years in the dance world to finally build up my performance quality and whether that be the execution of the choreography, stage presence or ideally both, I know a lot of dancers struggle with it. Here are my tips on perfecting your performance!

  1. Know what you’re dancing for

No one has ever done a 1st place worthy performance without an idea of why they are dancing. Think of the song, the lyrics. Think of your life. Think of the choreography and think of the way it makes you feel. I like to draw mind maps for all my dances because it helps me build a connection, which means I am more invested in the performance and overall perform with more… oomf… so to speak.

  1. Practice!!!!

I said it in my last blog post, and I’ll say it again. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. If you want to go on stage and have a flawless performance, then you must practice. Even just setting aside 10 minutes every day to run through your dances once will help you and improve your performance.

  1. Pull out the acting skills

Drama and dance go hand in hand. Often what makes a performance great is the combination of the two. It is truly exciting as a student teacher to see younger students getting excited and engaging their face when dancing. The true reason that I dance is because I like making people happy. If you look like you’re enjoying yourself on stage, the audience is going to have fun too and your performance will be one to remember.

 And there you have it! There are the simplest tips on how to up your performance quality in preparation for concert time. Good luck practising 😉

Miss Maddie Xx