Do you want to improve your flexibility and strength? Are you looking for a way to keep up your dance ability while taking a break from your usual classes? Try out L.E.Academy’s 4 week Bendy-Body-Builder challenge!!

Download your printable Bendy Body Exercise Chart Here

Stretching and strength go hand in hand when it comes to dance. Stretching helps increase range of motion, reduces muscle tension, and helps decrease the risk of activity-based injuries. After exercising it’s also great because it can help decrease muscle soreness. We cant forget about our strength, however. Without core, leg and arm strength, our beautiful flexibility starts to be quite useless. Since we can’t control our movements, our dances start to become sloppy and messy. Let’s get working Dancers! We’d love to see your progress photos so don’t be afraid to post them under the hashtag #BendyBodyBuilders (and tag us of course #leacademy).

Miss Maddie Xx