Holiday Dancing by Miss Caitlin

Hey L.E.A fam! With only ONE MORE WEEK left of Term 3, (how quick has 2019 gone?!) I thought this post would be best suited as a dancing through the holidays tips list! I often find that when I have a long break from dance, I come back a bit rusty and out of shape with no energy. This is not enjoyable for any dancer to get back in the swing of things, because it makes the process a lot more painful and definitely more difficult. So I’ve created a few different strategies for everyone to keep warm and healthy across the holidays, for a smooth transition back into your classes after the holidays:


  1. Stretching! There’s a reason why this one is number one! Stretching is the most important thing a dancer can do to keep up their flexibility and strength. The biggest struggle when dancers come back after a holiday is dealing with sore/tight muscles. I would totally recommend following Miss Maddie’s Bendy Body Builder exercise chart every day to ensure that you are all warm and ready to go for dance classes!


  1. A healthy diet is one of the many things a dancer can use to their advantage. If we completely ‘let go’ during the holidays and just eat Maccas every day, we aren’t going to feel energetic in our dance classes and all of that hard work from last term will just go to waste! Sure, you can let loose and have junk food as a ‘sometimes’ thing, but having it constantly won’t be good for our stamina!


  1. Ok, I know when I think about exercising I immediately don’t want to. But exercise can be so fun, especially when it comes to dancing. One of my favourite ways to exercise is to go to trampoline parks! Jumping around is a great way to burn off steam and keep fit, and you can also learn some awesome tricks on the tumble tracks and Olympic trampolines. But be super careful when trying out tricks, remember to always stay in your ability limits so you don’t hurt yourself! Going to the beach and running around in the water is also a surprisingly great workout, as well as playing in the sand and running up/down the sand dunes. If we keep up our exercise during the holidays we will be super energised and ready to get back into dance!


  1. Choreography! One of the more creative ways to dance through school holidays is working on your own choreography! You could practise your routines from class or make up your own to your favourite songs (p.s. I have a list of songs to dance to on the blog, click here to have a look!). Dancing isn’t just about being healthy, it’s also gat a massive creative element to it, and practising choreography and showing to friends/family would be an awesome way to keep up dance in the holidays.


And there it is! If you keep up AT LEAST one of these 4 strategies you should be ready to start dance classes back up after the holidays! Have a great last week of school!

Miss Caitlin xx