All of our elite teams for 2019 are well into their routines ready for competition season in June! Everybody is super excited to get their numbers onstage. But after not competing for a few months we can sometimes underestimate what it takes to be competition or concert ready, so here is a breakdown of all the essentials you’ll need to hit the stage!


  • Put any mini versions of your makeup that you have to do some touch-ups in a small bag. It always helps to have some lipstick, eye shadow or concealer for makeup mistakes!
  • Beauty blenders come in handy when your makeup needs a bit more blending!
  • Makeup wipes
  • Hairbrush and/or comb
  • Hair Ties
  • Bobby pins! These little pins are live savers in quick hair changes
  • Hairspray




  • Well of course you need your costumes!
  • Accessories/Hair Pieces
  • Shoes! Don’t forget the specific shoes for your styles. I’ve had many mishaps where I’ve needed tan jazz shoes but taken black ones instead, oops!
  • Spare pair of tights
  • Clear nail polish! If you forget your spare tights and get a hole in the ones your wearing, its easy to patch up that hole with a bit of clear nail polish. What a great hack!
  • Sewing kit, for any costume rips or other accidents. I know my sewing kit has come in handy quite a few times in emergencies!
  • Fashion tape, just in case you don’t have time to sew.


  • Strapping tape, ankle brace or knee brace. I know it may sound far-fetched, but there are so many injuries that can occur on and off the stage (usually ankle and knee ones!) So, it always helps to be organized just in case you (or even a friend) hurts themselves.
  • Food and Water! This one may be a bit obvious, but I think some people can underestimate how important they are. Take 2 water bottles in case there isn’t anywhere to fill them up, and pack some snacks to keep up your energy.
  • A mirror for quick makeup checks
  • Just in case, take a little bit of money for the canteen. Most competitions have one and LEA has one at the concert too!

So there you have it! Your bag might be overflowing by the time all of these things are packed, but its super important to be organised for the many disasters that can come at you in the dance world. I hope everyone has a great term!

  • Miss Caitlin xx