As term 1 was coming to an end, I’ve started to realise that my dance bag is a right mess! Loose hair ties, odd school socks and the occasional empty chocolate wrapper are starting to accumulate. I think it’s time to dump everything out and reorganise so that I can start the up and coming term right.

Step 1:
Dump everything out of your bag onto a blanket or towel- clear out every pocket and every hidden compartment. This allows you to see everything in your bag. Mine had a ridiculous amount of things like dance camp crafts, snapped hair ties, paperclips, a seashell… you name it, it was probably in their.



Step 2:
Start separating! This is when you should grab a rubbish bag and clear out anything that doesn’t belong at dance. Rubbish goes into the rubbish bag; loose clothes and socks go in the washing pile; everything that needs to remain in your bag stays on the blanket. (and hey, while you’re at it, you might like to chuck your bag in the washing machine for a quick refresh).

Step 3:
Write a list. This list should contain everything that you could ever possible need at dance including things as important as shoes all the way down to spare bobby pins or bun nets. This is what was on my list…


Step 3:
Pop everything back in your bag and enjoy your dance classes clutter free!!! It may seem like a lot of work for something that doesn’t “really affect your dancing” but trust me. Having a neatly organised dance bag will give you that fresh and ready feeling in preparation for the up and coming term… and it doesn’t take long, I promise 😉

Miss Maddie x