Christmas Gift Ideas for your Dancer

Hi everyone, what a year it’s been! Christmas is soooo close now I thought it would be a great idea to share some gifting ideas for your dancer. All of these things I’ve had at least once on my list, and it’s safe to say that they’ve become an essential part of my dance life. There’s links to each of these gifts in the explanation, so if you want to have a look at the different colours or styles you can go straight to the website. So, here are 7 things that should be on every dancer’s Christmas list this year!

1. Dance bag: This one’s pretty obvious, a dancer needs a bag to put all their clothes, shoes, and other essentials into! These ones from Sportsgirl are some of my personal favourites, they last forever!






2. Water bottle: Just like a bag, a water bottle is a no-brainer! Dancers need to stay hydrated in their classes, it’s so important for overall performance and the prevention of overheating their bodies. I love this one from Typo, it holds 1.8L AND you can get them in LEA colours!




3. Turn board:
A turn board is one of the best things a dancer can use to master their turn technique. It helps with balance and strength, and allows a dancer to experiment with different arm and foot positions! This is the official TurnBoard, however there are heaps of other variations that have different shapes, etc




4. Makeup case: I know when I started out doing dance concerts all I wanted was a huge case to store all of my makeup in! These fold-out makeup cases are so convenient to organise so you won’t have to dig through a bag to find what you’re looking for. This case from Target is the one to go with, it has heaps of compartments to sort your makeup collection in.




5. Dance shoes: Whether you’re a jazz, tap or ballet dancer, there are shoes that all dancers need to use in their classes. Dance shoes can get quite expensive, so it would be a great idea to gift someone some shoes and prevent them from having to get a pair in the middle of the year! You can get all the dance shoes possible from Dance Desire, a dance store right here on the GC!





6. Costume bag: Costume bags are a concert/competition MUST! They are so convenient to store all of your costumes, accessories and shoes when you’re at the venue. It’s so easy to lose costumes and small hairpieces in a big bag, so a costume bag is perfect for organisation. This one is from Dance Desire too, it’s a great one to have with all of the compartments for your smaller accessories.







7. LEA Uniform: Last but not least, an LEA uniform would be a perfect gift for our LEA dancers! We are all required to wear our uniforms in class so why not get some bike shorts to match with your shirt or jacket? You can look at all our uniform items and accessories here, or you could stop by the studio to try on sizes!