As we all know, the countdown until our annual concert has begun! As there are many new families to our studio this year, we thought it was the perfect time to create a one-stop Dance Concerts for Dummies guide.


This year, our concert runs over two days. Show 1 (Wonderland) will take place on Saturday the 27th of October, and will showcase all students. We have a showcase on Sunday the 28th at 9am, that will feature Mini Movers, Twinkle Toes, elites, and some soloists. A second staging of Wonderland will occur on Sunday afternoon at 3pm.


Tickets can be brought from TryBooking closer to the event. The link to purchase tickets will be sent via an email, and this post will be updated.  Get in early to make sure you’ve got the best seats in the house!


The final payment for costumes was due on July 4th, 2018.


13th of October, starting at 9am. We will be taking professional pictures of the stars in their costumes- individually and as teams. These photos make great keepsakes, and great Christmas presents for grandparents!


Every student needs to pack their own supply of bobby pins, bun nets, safety pins, hair elastics, hair spray, etc. A simple way to organise this is to lay it all out inside a fishing tackle box. This makes quick changes infinitely easier!

Check out the organisation!


Shoes? Put your child’s full name inside! Hair accessory? Name it! Ballet tights? I’m sure you get the point. With many students sharing one dressing room, things go missing constantly! Please make life easier for yourself, your child, and the volunteer dressers by writing names on everything.


Stockings get ladders, false lashes fall of, and water bottles disappear to mysterious and unknown places. No dance student ever got to the end of their concert and regretted packing an extra pair of stockings. It is always better to have something but not need it, than to need it and not have it!


Our dressers are a volunteer team of dance parents and teachers. All of them hold Blue Cards, and have lots of experience in dealing with quick changes. They’ll make sure your children look their best on stage, so you won’t have to!



Click here to view the rehearsal schedule

We are also on the hunt for sponsors for our concert. If you are interested, please contact Lauren at lauren@

Do you have any other tips or questions? Let us know!