Vision Boards by Miss Caitlin

Hey everyone! So for this blog I thought it would be awesome to talk you through some vision boards for all your dance goals and future aspirations! (It’s also a really fun project to do in general and it can be a really nice decoration for your room )

Benefits of making a vision board
– It is said that if you put your goals out into the world then the world will give back to you!
– It really shows the amount of power your passion has when you finally achieve your goal
– If your goals are realistic, there is nothing that can stop you from getting there, and your vision board is the first step towards that!
– So many different celebrities have said that they wouldn’t be where they are right now without writing their aspirations down on paper or putting them into a bunch of pictures

Vision Board examples








These are just examples remember! You can have your own colour themes, layouts, you could have just pictures or just words. Creativity is key here!

Miss Caitlin xx