about le academy


At  L. E . Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts we are committed to providing the best dance and performing arts tuition possible for your child.

We offer a number of various class styles to allow students to explore their creativity and love of dance and the arts.
Our dance studio is based in Southport on the Gold Coast. Our well equipped dance studios are fully air-conditioned and mirrored, our instructors/teachers at the academy are all highly qualified and trained, vibrant, bubbly and fun!

All of this equals to mean your children can study in a fun, safe and focused environment and get the very best in dance and performing arts training.

L. E. Academy has always been a dream for Director and Principal Lauren Elizabeth (L. E. A = Lauren. Elizabeth. Academy) and in 2015 the dream came true!

Miss Lauren Director

With boundless love for dance and a vision to inspire greatness in every dancer, I took over L.E. Academy from our previous owner and my childhood Principal, Miss Lauren Elizabeth Wormald. Our studio thrives on the belief that dance is a transformative art that touches lives profoundly.

As a lifelong dancer, I’ve witnessed firsthand the magic that unfolds on the dance floor – the freedom of movement, the joy of self-expression, and the sense of belonging within our dance family. At L.E. Academy, we create an inclusive and nurturing space where dancers of all ages and abilities can explore their passion and unleash their full potential.

Our lessons develop a blend of technical precision and artistic expression to help shape virsatile, and well-rounded performers. We strive to instill discipline, creativity, and teamwork while fostering essential life skills. Join us, and together, let’s soar to new heights through the powerful language of dance.

Miss Maddie O’Connor, Director & Owner