Saturday 2 June 2018 all of the L.E.Academy Elite teams and soloists participated in the regional DanceLife Unite competitions! Everyone had so much fun at our second competition of the season. Here are some of the top moments from the weekend!

1: Dancing with our best friends! It’s good when we get to dance with a team, but even better when we get to dance with the people we love!

2: Dance off! DanceLife Unite loves to get dancers involved, wether it’s a turning competition or a dance off! All of the L.E.A team loved watching our team members dance, as well as a parents dance off at the end of the night!

3: Victory!!!! All of our teams and soloists performed so well, we ended up with seven 1st places and one 2nd, and almost entry qualified for nationals in Sydney! Woo-hoo!

4: Experience! It’s such an amazing opportunity for young dancers to get used to how dance competitions work. DanceLife Unite provided a safe and fun environment for our younger teams, which made it all the more fun!

5: Performing on stage! Dancing on stage can feel nerve-racking to some, but once our L.E.A teams get on the stage they rock it! No matter what style, all of our dancers cherish each and every moment they get to dance in front of an audience!

Overall, DanceLife Unite was such an amazing experience for L.E.Academy, we are looking forward to this weekend on the Sunshine Coast where we get to take the stage all over again!

By Caitlin Appi
Senior Elite Team Member