Ready for Pointe Exercises.
Do you have a passion to get on pointe? Everyone has the opportunity to get pointe shoes! Before you rush into things, first you need to get your body physically and mentally ready. This includes strengthening your ankles and ballet training. Down below are some fantastic everyday exercises to do at home to strengthen your ankles and enhance your ballet technique.

Rises โ€“
In parallel 10x
In first position 10x
Second position 10x
Repeat daily






Stretch band (optional)
Point and flex 10x
Circle of ankles each way 10x






One foot balance rises;
First position arms 8x
Second position 8x
Fifth position 8x








For extra strength-
Ankle weights; are great for the extra strengthen.
Repeat the same exercises but in the ankle weights.
Be careful to ensure you donโ€™t overdo it.
Small exercise balls; also help with flexibility in feet.

These are just a few exercise examples and hope that this may help anyone who is wanting to get ready to go on pointe in the future. Remember to do those rises ๐Ÿ˜‰ Best of luck!
Miss Ella x