How to continue dance over the Holidays
In a couple of weeks’ time we all will be on school holidays and unfortunately away from dance. This does not necessarily mean stopping dance altogether. Over the break you can 100% dance you heart out and stay fit where ever you are. Down below are some of many suggestions on ways you can stay fit and incorporate dance into your fantastic holidays.
1. ‘Dance your heart out’
This means no matter where you are, with or without music you can always dance. Whether this is bogging around the house or making up dances with your friends, you are always able to express yourself. This is why dance is so significant because you don’t always need a studio space to be able to carry on dance. So don’t forget to ‘dance your heart out’.
2. Making up choreography
This is one of my personal favourites. Every dancer as an individual has their own style, when you make up choreography you are able to express your style and personality which is so important with dancing. If you find choreography hard, I like to start with putting on my favourite song and improvise. When I do improvising it is any step that just ‘comes out’ and I dance it and keep on going therefore you can pick and choose from there which movements you would like to add into your dance. This is an excellent activity to do on any type of day but especially when you are bored at home and can’t think of anything else to do.
3. Fun workouts
Workouts are awesome for long breaks as it refreshes your body and keeps everything fit and healthy. When I say workouts I do not mean long, tiring, pushing yourself to the limits type of thing (unless that is what you enjoy), I mean taking time to just move your body for a bit. Workouts don’t always have to be boring, you can spice it up and do all kinds of ones such as, short and relaxing workouts, games, park runs, circuit and many more.
4. Stretch!
This is essential. Don’t worry, I understand it is the holidays and it is totally okay to have a break for a while but just remember you don’t have to do anything for long. Remember anything is better than nothing, even if you just do one stretch such as a lunge or the splits once every couple of days, your body will love you. This will save you from the after holiday ‘ouch’.
I hope these suggestions helped. Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and holidays and hope to see everyone back in 2020.
By Miss Ella x