Dance Diaries

Hey guys,

I can’t believe it’s already Term 3!!! Going into the new term of dance we all have new goals, tasks, and aspirations that we are working towards both in and out of dance which is super exciting. But on the other hand, we can sometimes tend to overload ourselves with so many things we are trying to work towards that it’s too much on our brain and we start to forget things or just become a little bit scatterbrained- I know I definitely do. I’ve looked into a bunch of different ways to organise myself over the past year and I’ve found that the best way that works for me is keeping a “Dance Diary” that I use to write down basically everything and it has really helped me so here is the layout of my dance diary in case you want to start one of your own:

Title Page

Title pages are so important to me for making my books interesting and colourful which motivates me to write. Use bright colours and play around with fonts to personalise your book and make it bright and fun.


The next few pages in my book are dedicated to my goals over the term. I try and keep it down to five goals at a time so that when I achieve one, I can tick it off and work towards the next without getting too overwhelmed. It’s really important to write down your goals instead of just keeping them in your head because I find that when it is written down in front of me, I am more motivated to achieve it.


The next thing that I like to write down in my diary are any corrections that I get in a class. Remembering all of the corrections you receive is a very important part in becoming a better dancer so I like to write all of mine down so that I can always look back on them to see what I need to think about while I’m dancing. I check back on them after most classes so that I can see if I am improving and not getting that specific correction anymore because it means that I have paid attention to what my teacher is saying and actively trying to correct that.

Songs to dance to/ dance ideas

As I do dance both at school and out of school, I’m always listening to new music that I would love to choreograph to just for fun and for assessment pieces. I write down the songs that I really like so that I can remember them and use them in different tasks and having them written down and accessible inspires me to go outside and try to choreograph little sequences for fun that I can use for heaps of different things.

Positions/ Dances

Writing down positions for dances that I have to choreograph or help out with for the concert in the classes that I teach is really helpful for when I’m just brainstorming ideas and want to see what position looks best and how I can get the dancers into that position in a way that looks good and interesting for the audience. This is really important to me for my classes because there is already so many things that I have to remember in my own classes taking it out of my head and putting the ideas on a piece of paper is a really helpful thing to do.

I hope this was helpful for everyone going into term 3, I’m excited to go back to classes and see everyone again

Miss Luana x