Attending your first dance class
No matter your age, dance is an activity I would strongly recommend to everyone. It’s a physical activity that is perfect for everything, it is enjoyable and many life lessons are learnt along the way. Here are some tips before you attend your first dance lesson.
Step one- Research
Research is important to insure what style best suits you and will enjoy. In your research this may include finding the location and the range of classes and levels the studio supplies.  I would recommend trying a range of classes to see which styles you enjoy the most.
Step 2- Preparation
Preparing for your first dance class is simple. For your first lesson insure you have appropriate clothing and footwear that is comfortable to move in. At L.E.Academy you are required to wear uniform so this is mandatory once you have decided what classes you are going to attend throughout the year. The uniform guide in the link below will outline any concerns. Dance is a physical activity like other sports that will require you to bring along a drink bottle to keep yourself hydrated.
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Step 3- Come along
Now that you know what class you are attending and have prepared, it is time to join in. If you are feeling nervous just remember to breathe and dance your heart out. Dance is like a big family and there is no need for you to be nervous.
I hope this helped.
Miss Ella x