Emma Chatfield:

Emma has been a part of our dance family for 2 years now and we have seen her progress immensely over her time as a L. E. A STAR, she is developing in to such a wonderful and beautiful dancer and dances in our junior hip hop and level 3 & 4 acrobatics class.

Emma is such a super dedicated star and is working incredibly hard to be the best that she can be, going home and practicing all her steps so she is confident in each class, her concentration and focus in class is amazing and the hard work is definitely paying off!

Emma definitely has a great work ethic and is always striving to improve, this in turn make her a great role model to her peers.

Emma is an absolute pleasure to teach in any class she is a part of and always comes in to the studio eager and ready to learn. Her performance skills and technique are consistently improving and she is a much loved member of our dance family.

We are all so proud of the hardworking, talented and dedicated student you are Emma and are thrilled to be presenting you with our “August star of the month 2019”. Well done superstar!!