L.E. Academy Dance Wear by Miss Ella

Miss Ella’s recommendation on dance wear;

Dance wear is essential to dance. Like all other sports you are required to wear the appropriate uniform and footwear. Sometimes it is hard to find stores and brands that are affordable or match you. Down below I have listed a list of recommended places to find your new favourite dance clothing;

L.E.A uniform shop-

In the link below you will find the perfect stockings, ballet shoes and ballet dresses which are very affordable and precise. At L.E.A you have to wear L.E.A uniform every lesson, in the link you will also find a list of uniform to buy from.



I have only been to the one in Harbour town but there I found really affordable tan jazz shoes, ballet shoes, and nude underwear. There was also boxes stacked of all different shoes from character, jazz and chorus heels. This is a main recommendation as I found it good quality and cheap.

Cotton on-

At cotton on, you can find a range of variety of gym wear/ dancewear. I recommend cotton on as you can always find a sale and their leggings are my favourite as they are all different styles and patterns. This is a great brand if you tend to go through active wear quickly.


Although on the more expensive side, Lululemon if most definitely on the higher quality scale. Like Lorna Jane, the material definitely seems to last longer but then again it is all depending on how well you look after your gear. I have only brought one item from this brand but would most definitely recommend as the quality is great.


This brand is an online, affordable brand that is perfect for the little ones as it is very quick and easy. I have only used this site once a while back and it was perfect for the ballet classes that I had attended.

Dance desire-

Dance desire is the most popular place to buy dancewear, it has some really nice dance clothes and all- you- need footwear. I would overall recommend buying any type of footwear here as it provides many different brands that you can try over the years to see which one works most with you.

These are only few of the many places you could go to find your perfect collection but I hope this had helped. I have shopped at all these locations and have found that you get what you pay for. Overall everyone is going to like different materials and styles for their active wear, you just may have to experiment with it first.

Miss Ella x


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