L.E Academy April, 2019 Newsletter

Hello everyone!

Welcome back for TERM TWO! We are super excited to get back in to classes with you all and start working some magic on our end of year concert material. This term will also welcome COMP SEASON! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our social media platforms to follow how our elite teams go at comps!


A huge thank you to all of you who attending our easter fun day! It really was heaps of fun and we really enjoyed spending the day with you all dancing, playing games, Easter egg hunting, watching movies, eating popcorn, drinking slushies, meeting the easter bunny and bouncing the jumping castle! The biggest thank you goes out to all of our incredible volunteers, none of the events we hold at the studio could be possible without your help! The seniors students as well were an amazing help as always they are wonderful role models for our little stars, doing beautiful face paints, makeovers and hairstyles, thank you dance fam!!

The whole day managed to raise a incredible $623.00 towards our new studio space!! What a great start to get the ball rolling!!



The new uniform order is on it way and should arrive within the next 2 weeks, this is a very busy time for the suppliers so we thank you for your patience in waiting for your order. Please see Sheree at reception if you missed out on ordering as we have ordered some extras and we may have your size on its way:)

•A reminder that ALL students should be wearing uniform to classes this includes correct footwear & hair to be tied back or in a ballet bun for ballet classes. We appreciate your cooperation with our uniform standards.


Our March 2019 STAR OF THE MONTH we have awarded to Matilda Featherstone!!! CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE TILLY! We are all so proud of you! Don’t forget to read the blog about Matilda which you can find on our website. Click here


As the darker nights are starting to come in as we did last year we will be locking the doors to the building at 5.30pm/6pm when Sheree leaves, this is to ensure that nobody that shouldn’t be entering the building can do so. If you are coming to pick up or drop your child off for classes we kindly ask that you wait outside with them until we can get to the door to unlock it, we will be opening it in the cross over of classes but will not keep coming to the door and disrupting classes that the teachers are currently teaching.

All children on the premisis should be in classes or in the waiting room with a parent or adult supervision, no children under the age of 12 are permitted to be left at the studio without adult supervision, we are not a babysitting service and are not responsible for children left at the studio with no adults. Our teachers are in classes and are busy working and teaching your children and sheree is not always on reception desk she also has work to do whilst at the studio. Please do not leave your children unattended. We also ask for the safety of the children that you please drop them in the car park and not on the road and walk them in to the studio especially children under the age of 12 years.

We thank you for your cooperation regarding this 🙂



Don’t forget to register your Childs spot in out talent contest, we are hoping for this to be a talented, fun filled day showcasing all of our stars exceptional talents. For more information and to register follow this link- L.E.A’s got talent


On May the 24th our elite teams will be performing at the benowa state schools Mayfair. We would love as many of our stars to come and join us at this event and support our teams in their first performance of the year together. The event runs at Benowa state school from 3pm-8pm.  We can’t wait to watch you perform stars!

Don’t forget to check our calendar of events which we continuously update with events for the year. Please also add yourself in to the parents forum on Facebook so you can keep up to day

Click here to access or Calendar of events.

Click here to join or Parents Forum

Thank you all for a wonderful start to 2019!
Happy dancing
Love Miss Lauren x