Maddie loves to dance at L.E. Academy as Lauren provides a safe place to be yourself and express yourself through dance.

L.E. Academy isn’t just a dance school where we prepare a routine for an end of year concert, it’s about learning challenging choreography and more importantly, it provides a dance family who all progress their dance skills together.

We support each other and every new student we are introduced to. After almost 3 years of teaching students alongside Miss Lauren, Maddie has learnt many great skills that will help throughout her life and was delighted when she was awarded ‘2017 Dancer of the Year’.

She has worked hard across many styles of dance including commercial jazz, cabaret, acrobatics, contemporary/lyrical, hip hop, cheer and a slight history of ballet and gymnastics.

Dancer of the Year doesn’t just go to a performer with good skills, they also need to have dedication, respect to teachers and fellow students, and strive to improve every day. It carries a great responsibility as other students, especially the younger ones, look up to you as a role model.