Time to Get Excited and Set Goals

2020 is now in full swing and it seems like a good time to get excited set some goals. Here’s what your student teachers at L.E.A are looking forward to and what we’re going to do to make sure we’re the best dancers we can be!

Miss Maddie

 I’m super excited to continue to explore the musical theatre world in 2020. Last year I was in one of the most amazing productions of my life, “Bring it On” as Bridget. It helped me come leaps and bounds with my confidence and really helped me realise how much I love to act

(and occasionally sing but not entirely well hahaha) as well as dance my heart out on stage. My goal in 2020 is to improve my singing by remembering the exercises Miss Jackie uses in musical theatre class and practice them at least once every day. Oh and that reminds me! We’re all having a whole bunch of fun in musical theatre lately and we’d love for more L.E.A stars to come and join us. Classes are every Friday and are jam packed with laugh, smiles and funny moments.

Miss Amelia

Hello everyone, welcome to 2020! This is a very exciting year and my goal is to work hard in my new class, Aerials. LEA just introduced the aerials classes for all ages, taught by the loveliest Miss Tiana. I hope to get lots of strength and flexibility from this class, which will then help me improve in my other classes. I always look forward to it, trying out new tricks every week! It’s so great to see you all after the long summer holidays and I’m glad to be back in the studio.  Here’s to another fun year with L.E.Academy!!

Miss Luana

 This year I’m excited to take part in new styles of dance that I’m not necessarily familiar or confident with. I’ve decided to take on both tap and our new areal class that started this year, and even though I’m by no means amazing at them I’ve discovered that I admire how different both styles are to the classes I’ve been doing and that participating in these classes has forced me out of my shell to try new things that challenge me as a performer. My goal for this year is to expand and diversify my dancing out to all of the different styles that we offer at LEA so that I can be comfortable with anything that is thrown at me and hopefully open more pathways for my future as a performer or otherwise.

Miss Ella

 What I am most excited for this year is learning new abilities and learning from others. 2019 was a fantastic year filled with many memories and experiences and I believe 2020 is going to be just as great. I am also so excited to share my experiences with so many amazing people. My goal for 2020 is to become stronger with my movements and get better at picking up fast choreography, I believe this will be challenging but achievable. Everyone has goals that can be achieved, and it is so awesome to see the end result. Best of luck with your goals!

 Miss Kharli

2020 is a very exciting year for me as I have recently starting student teaching Level 2 aerial and am also participating in aerial classes for the first time. I am finding it extremely fun to learn a new style of dance and to be able to teach these skills to others. I have absolutely loved the challenge of aerial so far and continue to look forward to every class!

My goal for this year is to grow more diverse as a dancer and gain further strength and aerial skills which will support me in becoming the best student teacher I can be. I look forward to seeing mine and others continual growth of skills and strength in aerial and improvements each lesson. I hope that by the end of the year I have grown into a great student teacher and most importantly had fun!!


As a group, the student teachers in 2020 are really looking forward to working with so many different teachers, styles and fellow dancers. We all love Miss Lauren and can’t wait for her return, but in the meantime, we’re thrilled to be working with so many talented and diverse dancers. Only 5 weeks into term one and we’ve already learnt so much and had the honour of attending classes with so many dancers who we watch on Instagram and wonder how they can possible be so talented. Our collective goal for this year is to make the most of every opportunity provided to us by the amazing team at L.E.A and focus on our individual and collective growth as we work hard to become the best performers and teachers we possibly can. Here’s to 2020 guys!!! Lets shine 🙂








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Miss Caitlin xx