Getting back into the swing of things after long breaks, holidays, and time off is never easy, especially when were all going back to school along with dance, so here are a few tips that have helped me organise myself so I don’t get too overwhelmed with everything:

  1. Put up a calendar somewhere in your house that you can easily access and look at frequently and mark out important dates, events, classes, workshops, competitions, ect. So that you’re organised and on top of everything.
  2. Keep a dance bag with all of your necessities like shoes, tan tights, water bottles, pins, hair bands, ect (this ones really helpful for everyone who runs late a lot so you’ve got one less thing to worry about when racing to dance)
  3. Make a schedule of all your classes and school work to see how you can balance them and do both to your best ability, set aside a few days of the week to just focus on any homework you’ve been given so you can get it all done without worrying.
  4. Stretch as much as possible! Being on holidays for that long is sure to stiffen up your muscles so its really important to not only stretch at dance but even when you’re at home just 10 minutes every day will massively improve your flexibility.
  5. Make sure not to stress!! Dance is supposed to be fun and a way to express yourself, not just another thing you have to do everyday so make sure you’re making the most of it and having fun, and expressing yourself.

Miss Luana Xx